Somethig about extreme wheather...

Valencia, 27/02/2018
Como estos días está haciendo bastante frío en toda Europa, dejo un enlace a BBC Learning English, en concreto a su sección 'News Review' en la cual nos habla de 'The Beast From the East', como se ha denominado a la ola de frío siberiano que estamos padeciendo.

As it's getting pretty cold these days all over Europe, I'm leaving a link to BBC Learning English, specifically to its' News Review' section in which it talks about 'The Beast From the East', as the Siberian cold snap we're experiencing has been called by the media.

Nicknamed 'The Beast from the East', a band of extreme cold and snow has hit parts of Europe and the UK. This is causing some travel disruption because most parts of the UK rarely experience heavy snow. BBC Learning English

Related vocabulary:
- to brace
- to engulf
- relentless

- cold snap (wave) / (spell)
- travel disruption
- heavy snow

- extreme cold and snow

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